If you have questions about the suitability of your crampons for your trip, call or email the Gear Department. Everest Base Camp Trek Gear List: Medications. Life at Base Camp and above is demanding, but can also be very comfortable if you come prepared with the proper equipment. Please immediately contact the Gear Department with any questions. Headlamp w/ spare bulb: Bring two AA or AAA battery powered units (Petzl or Black Diamond). No security deposit will be charged for Washington rentals; however, Alpine Ascents reserves the right to assess fees for the replacement or repair of any damaged items. Harness: Alpine style, you should not have to step through leg loops to put it on and off, lightweight, fully adjustable (Black Diamond). Light colors are better for labeling with your name (The North Face duffel, Wild Things “Burro Bag”). 1-2 of those duffels will be taken straight to basecamp with all of the climbing gear and won't be seen again until you arrive. We have suggested some trekking gears and personal check lists. Washington Rentals: All rental equipment for trips taking place in Washington will be picked up at your gear check. We recommend models with a durable leather palm. Swiss army knife/multitool: Remember not to leave in carry-on bags for any international or domestic flight. Finally, remember that collapsible models are ideal for pack space but need to be cared for more carefully than hard-sided models. Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies we should be aware of. Check the fit inside your boots, and be sure to bring new socks. Whether you need hiking boots for the trails, that Patagonia fleece for the date, Mountain Hardwear jackets, or Millet boots for the big hill, EverestGear.com is the place for you. A general mountaineering ice axe. One thing that is not easily replaced in Namche is footwear. Arc’teryx and Osprey also have good lightweight packs. Lightweight, comfortable running or walking shoes are recommended for off-mountain use and pre-and-post trip travel. Jacket synthetic or fleece: Synthetic insulated jackets or pullovers are a great alternative to fleece because they are lighter and more compressible. Lightweight long underwear bottoms: (Patagonia Capilene, REI, Mountain Equipment Co-op). We recommend bringing a valve repair/body patch kit. Each item on the list below is required unless specified to be optional. Basic medical supplies in a compact package. We recommend an overall parka weight between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. Black or dark-color gloves are also acceptable. We recommend calling to discuss your parka choice, as this item is key to success on any expedition. Down sweaters or light puffy jackets will not be sufficient. Lightweight Long Underwear: 1-2 pair longsleve shirt and long pants Heavyweight long underwear: 1 pair Short Sleeve Synthetic Shirt: 1-2 pair Lightweight Nylon Pants: 1-2 pair Soft Shell jacket: To be worn over other layers Although this list is not comprehensive, it will certainly give you an idea of the number of equipments required. We recommend durable three-layer fabric. Shaft should not have a rubber grip. Everest trekking needs some trekking gears to make the trekking easy. If using liner socks, these must be sized to fit with your liner socks. Spare batteries: For headlamp and other gadgets you bring. Check out our write-up to learn more. If you are a non-Alpine Ascents climber seeking rental equipment, please inquire, If you wish to learn more about any piece of gear, the online, A printable/downloadable PDF version of the Gear Lexicon may also be accessed, For in-depth articles, pro-tips, and advice on select subjects, check out our, Our experienced staff are happy to speak with you via. info@nepaleverestguide.com nepaleverestguide@gmail.com +977 9849 … Excellent for use when conditions are too cold for softshell gloves, but too warm for expedition mittens. If you don't, check the gear link list on this web site. If you don't, check the gear link list on this web site. The prices are US list. Removable side-shields are not required provided eye coverage is sufficient. Always be fully stocked up on these basics: At Base Camp you will have a Nepalese mattress, so you do not need a second sleeping pad set (Ridgerest). Everest Base Camp Trekking Gear List: Printer-friendly version (PDF) Everest Base Camp Pre-Trip Planning Physical preparation: The path from Lukla to Everest Base Camp is only about 40 miles long, but you will gain more than 8,000 ft. in elevation as you make your way to Base Camp at 17,598 ft. Check out our write-up to learn more about helmets. Pre Everest Base Camp Trek Preparations. Water purification tablets: Such as Potable Aqua brand iodine tablets. We especially like the large storage size for organization and storage at Base Camp. Summiting Mount Everest takes 10 - 12 weeks most of which is acclimatization . A USA address must be provided for rental shipments. We recommend bringing a comfortable variety of clothing for peace of mind, including some t-shirts. As the list is long, we recommend to bookmark this page for … Crampon and ice axe attachment points are a must. Today is the best day of the season, and now you’re making the third turn down your favorite backcountry ski run. What is the best Everest Base Camp trek packing list? Some of the electronics and toiletries are optional, but the clothing, trekking gear and medication are essential unless otherwise stated. Boots, shoes and sandals should fit well and be in excellent condition. Just as important is that all gear has been tried and tested by the climber, and that they are familiar with each piece of equipment. North Face makes a great no-nonsense harness. One-liter sizes are strongly preferred, and avoid narrow-mouthed thermoses which can be challenging to fill. A climbing equipment resource for buying or renting the equipment you will need for your EBC Trek. However, some find them temperamental from a battery perspective, even when extra batteries are available. Helmet-compatible hoods are required. Optional. Models with 12-20 oz capacity generally work best. What is the Everest Base Camp trekking gear list? A midweight, form-fitting, lightweight fleece layer for use over baselayers. Bring three sets of each. Steri-Pen purification tools have become very popular - they quickly and easily treat water without the addition of chemical tastes. It is good to bring additional other items which you have previously found useful- playing cards, music players, board games, reading tablets, etc. Please note that "zip-off"-style trekking pants are too light to be considered softshell pants. As with sunscreen, be sure your lipscreen is new. The Finnish manufacturer is listed there. But, the trek can be a worse nightmare if you fail to arrange a complete Everest Base Camp packing list for Everest Base Camp Trek. Four (4) pairs of heavyweight socks. Thumbs Up means it is one of my favorites pieces that works unusually well, I have taken it it on multiple climbs and is highly recommended. We recommend modern steel 12-point crampons with anti-balling plates. It is ideal for the trek and all the climbing you will do. Everest trekking needs some trekking gears to make the trekking easy. (North Face, Patagonia). Your mug should retain heat well and be spill resistant. Insulated climbing gloves: Black Diamond Guide Gloves. Everest Expedition Recommended Gear List. Expedition grade and 8,000m+ equipment is essential on Mount Everest. Tie about half a meter of line with a carabiner for the fixed ropes. One insulated outdoor-style mug with a removable lid. Goretex Pro Shell or a similar eVent fabric will offer the most durability and long-term weather protection. Street/city style shoes will not be allowed in place of hiking shoes. The lens should offer visible light transmission (VLT) of no more than 30%. (Wild Things Primaloft, Patagonia, Outdoor Research). Gear List for Everest Trekking. Please bring one set of Aquamira chemical treatment drops as well, in case your Steri-Pen fails. I am no doctor but I did some heavy chemist shopping before my trip so that I was prepared for as many situations as possible!!! Useful for storing things in Kathmandu, most soft sided ‘carry on’ type bags work well. Hiking shoes: comfortable boots or shoes for the trek to base camp. Clean 'town' clothing is recommend for use traveling as well as pre-and-post trip. Baseball caps and sombrero-style sun hats are the most common. For climbs taking place outside of Washington, charges are processed at the time of shipment (approximately two weeks prior to departure date) and will include a $50 security deposit per item plus shipping. At that time, payment will be taken for all rented items. Ski goggles: Test to assure a good fit on your face. Some gears are compulsory for trekking. It includes the layers you should bring to ensure you’re warm during the climate fluctuations of the Himalayan region, gear to make your trek accessible and comfortable, and supplies to help you have the best experience possible. Note that very light puffy jackets can also suffice as a midlayer. Note that wrist leashes should be removed from your axe; call the Gear Department if you would like to talk further about axe leashes and check out our write-up to learn more about different ice axes. Once you arrive at Base Camp, all the water will be boiled. Fees may be assessed for repair or replacement of damaged item(s). Lightweight long underwear top: (Patagonia Capilene, REI, Mountain Equipment Co-op). Please note: This online gear list is only a guide. The companies and products you see listed below can serve as starting points of reference for you. I have honed it from almost 25 years of climbing and it works for me. Sport sandals: Tevas, Chacos or Crocs are great for shower day, visiting Monasteries and relaxing during the trek. What to bring to Nepal for trekking, including a full list of gear and equipment such as hiking boots, sleeping bag, warm clothes, water purification, and more. One bag stays on the mountain and the other at Base Camp. Short-sleeved shirts: Two synthetic; most nylon running shirts or athletic shirts work. Hiking shoes: comfortable boots or shoes for the trek to base camp. It's loaded with tons of packing tips … Gear and Supplies. We also have access to replacement clothing and equipment in Namche. One piece climbing shell (optional): One piece shell such as Arcteryx Alpha suit. It is not easy to buy these types of items on the Everest base camp trek. Please be sure this mitten is the warmest model available by any manufacturer. Rappel device: ATC, Figure 8 or similar (Black Diamond). One of the more daunting tasks you will encounter on the Everest Base Camp Trek is packing for the trek itself! Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp is a 10-12 day trek with a maximum altitude of 5,364 metres (17,598 ft). Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand the function of each piece of equipment before you … Those who sleep cold should strongly consider a -40 degree sleeping bag. Everest base camp kit list. FREE Ground Shipping on orders over $49.00 Freshly installed batteries plus spare batteries. Gore-Tex XCR and H2NO fabrics are lightweight. One of the more daunting tasks you will encounter on the Everest Base Camp Trek is packing for the trek itself! If electing to use a down suit, separate down pants and a down parka are not required, as they are replaced by the suit. Whether you need hiking boots for the trails, that Patagonia fleece for the date, Mountain Hardwear jackets, or Millet boots for the big hill, EverestGear.com is the place for you. Hoods are optional but recommended. Our guide company, Embark Expeditions Co. provides a detailed list of the items that will be required. Updated on May 14, 2019 April 26, 2019 admin Leave a Comment on Gear List for Everest Trekking. Avoid large zipper openings and excessive outside pockets. I agree and authorize Alpine Ascents International, Inc. to charge my credit card on file for repairs and/or replacements of damaged, lost or stolen gear. Partial Equipment list info: Here is a brief incomplete list for you. Mount Everest gets its European name from British Superintentant General of the Survey of India 1830-1843, Sir George Everest. Liner socks: Three to four pairs Capeline or silk. GEAR LIST FOR EVEREST. This expertise is based upon years of accumulated experience-not just from individual mountain guides, but through experience on particular mountains where details are fine-tuned over time. Size according to height; under 5'2'' use a 50 cm axe, 5'3'' to 5'5'' use a 55 cm axe, 5'6'' to 5'9'' use a 60 cm axe, 5'10'' to 6'0'' use a 65 cm axe, above 6'0'' use a 70 cm axe. Your larger bag may be the one that stays at Base Camp; higher on the mountain you will share tents and you will be more concerned with bulk and weight. Midweight, lightly insulated gloves for use when mittens are too warm and liner gloves are not warm enough. One ounce is typically sufficient per week, but several small tubes can offer insurance against lost or exploded tubes. Whatever company you go with, read the fine print as most insurance companies charge you an extra fee for medical evacuations higher than a certain altitude. Backpacking & Wilderness Navigation Course, Peru: Salkantay Mountain Trek to Machu Picchu, Six Ways to Manage your Anxiety (when climbing a mountain), WHAT’S WEIGHING YOU DOWN? Many of our guides have been with Alpine Ascents for over five years, with a handful of veterans working with us for most of their careers. Alpine Ascents International is an authorized mountain guide service of Denali National Park and Preserve and Mount Rainier National Park. Shipment: Rental items for climbs taking place outside of Washington are scheduled to ship two weeks prior to your trip departure. Your community is waiting for you. Glacier glasses: One pair high quality 100% UV, 100%IR min 80% light reduction, side shields are optional, but size and shape of lens should offer maximum protection from bright light on snow. Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek -Headwear: Sun protection hat (1): In the higher elevations, the sun rays get stronger, so a proper sun-blocking hat is required. Leather or fabric/leather with a sturdy mid-sole and vibram sole. . Payment: The credit card on file will be used to process rental payment. Bandanna: Two or three traditional cotton style. Confirmation: Allow 48-72 hours for rental confirmation via email. This item must be in good condition. Collapsible models can suffice, but must be handled very carefully to avoid unintended collapsing. Check the box of any item you desire to rent. I run through my Everest expedition kit a few hours before leaving. Ascenders: You will need two (Petzl or Black Diamond). Hiking pants and/or skirt/sarong: One or two (“Supplex” is good material). Planning to trek to Everest Base Camp? To help you get a head start we have compiled an easy to navigate and complete list of what you will need for the typical Everest Base Camp Trek and similar treks in the region.. For any approaches across dry trail. Gaiters: For use with light hiking boots, short and simple are better, such as Outdoor Research's Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters. Everest at Whittaker Mountaineering with gear lists from the world's best mountain guides. If you plan on climbing Everest..here's a list of gear and equipment you will need for your climb. To help you plan your Everest Base Camp Trek, here’s our complete packing list guide for both men and women featuring a list of travel essentials that you need for the trek. However, not all rental items are available for pickup in Talkeetna. To know more about it, kindly check the following list. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are absolutely essential to helping to deal with altitude headaches. Primaloft type fill or Polartec 100 or 200 fleece is recommended. You will live in your own tent at Base Camp, and will be sharing tents at Camps 1 – 4 on the mountain. ... Gear-20 degree celcius sleeping bag (provided by the agency) General mountaineering tool. Item images represent one product suggestion for that item. Stretchy, comfortable, non-insulated softshell pants that should fit comfortably with or without your baselayer bottoms. . 1-2 pair of lightweight nylon trekking pants. Disclaimer: Everest is a marketplace where sellers list their products for sale.Although your purchase is covered by buyer's protection, the quality, stability, and other specifications of the products on this platform are the sole responsibility of the merchant. 2. Follow this list carefully: two (2) large oval wiregate carabiners; two (2) smaller wiregate carabiners; one (1) large pear-shaped locking screwgate carabiner; one (1) large locking carabiner (can be auto-locking). These individuals are dedicated to sharing their excellence with others. I draw from this list depending on the climb. A full-length, modern inflatable sleeping pad is recommended. This equipment list is meant to help you compile your personal gear for a high altitude trekking trip. The Everest Base Camp trek passes through the land of the Sherpas to the foot of the world’s highest mountain, Sagarmatha, Nepalese for Mount Everest. Once received, please verify that all items are correct and fit appropriately. Free Ground Shipping on Orders of $49 or more. Gear and Supplies. Briefs: Four pairs synthetic or cotton, running shorts also work well for underwear. Zip-loc bags: Always useful, and not available in Nepal. Security Deposit: Fees are fully refundable upon a timely return (one week from the end of trip). » Read why I believe an Everest Base Camp Trek in November is one of the best options Two Sleeping bags: -40C/-30F Down 800 fill (Western Mountaineering, Mountain Hardwear). Feel free to use this list as a reference as you prepare for your trip, but note that not all brands and models are current. – TIPS TO KEEP YOUR SKI/SPLITBOARD PACK LIGHT. Compression stuff sacks: To reduce the volume of sleeping bags and clothes. Longer spoon stems can be helpful for eating while wearing gloves. Harness. Everest is quickly approaching! General mountaineering crampons. 2018 EVEREST EXPEDITION EQUIPMENT LIST Equipment Checklist 1.0 Body Wear Waterproof shell jacket Waterproof shell pants Expedition down jacket and pants ... 6.0 Camping Gear Down sleeping bags x 2 (-20C/-4F and -40C/-40F) Foam sleeping mat Inflatable sleeping mat Water bottles x 2 The companies and products you see listed below can serve as starting points of reference for you. Shopping Cart Email Sign-up Store Locator. In some situations, these may also serve as approach shoes. The guide is by no means definitive in that you have to pack everything listed. Everest Base Camp trek gear list. This equipment list is meant to help you compile your personal gear for a high altitude trekking trip. Sorel or Baffin. Mountain Hardwear Compressor pants are an example. One two-cup capacity packable bowl. If you have any questions or have not heard back from us within three (3) working days, please email [email protected] or call (206) 378-1927 and ask for the Gear Department. Forget screw carabiners, you want them big and simple at Everest. This sleeping bag should be rated to -20 degrees Fahrenheit and must be down-filled rather than synthetic filled for the sake of weight and bulk. Most items are required. Foam pad: Your sleeping pads stay on the mountain. EverestGear.com has assisted more Everest climbers than anyone else on the planet. Trash compactor or contractor bags are made from a heavier plastic and stand up well to prolonged mountain use. Thanks so much to all of you at AAI for making my dream of making the Seven Summits come true, I could not have accomplished this feat without the support of the entire team especially the guides and Sherpas. Here, you'll find our complete Everest Base Camp packing list.It offers detailed information on all the gear you'll need on your trek to the World’s most famous mountain base camp. Six Ways to Manage your Anxiety (when climbing a mountain): Train […], by Jonathon Spitzer  Backcountry skiing and splitboarding encompasses a broad spectrum of ski endeavors, from off-piste riding out of a resort to ski day touring to overnight ski expeditions. Synthetic insulated pants: Primaloft or Polargard HV fill with full side zips are recommended. Wild Things “Andinista” has been a favorite for years. One durable hard plastic or anodized metal spoon. P O Box20,065, Nayabazaar -16, khushibu, Kathmandu, Nepal . Here's our gear list of what you’ll need on Everest. Booties: Down or synthetic, any brand with thick foam soles is recommended. Expedition-rated mittens with an insulated removable liner. This list is for 1 person, we each brought the same amount of travel gear, but to keep things simple, we are including only what 1 person needs to pack for Everest Base Camp.. There were the experts who have all the top-of-the-line gear, down to underwear that is specially-made for trekking. The Everest base camp kit list below comprises everything I took with me including clothing, trekking gear, toiletries, medication, electronics and documentation. Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand the function of each piece of equipment before you … A mountaineer’s gear largely depends on where s/he is hiking: crampons are essential for alpine environments but unnecessary, and even risky to use, when climbing rocky terrains.

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