Clients who want to press farther into the wilderness or spend more time exploring, photographing, or otherwise enjoying their time outdoors should consider a full-day tour, though half-day tours are designed to offer impressive sights and a fun experience on routes where offered. The slope leading up to the hut poses avalanche risk as well. About a mile up the northern branch is the Thayer Hut, an alpine hut installed and maintained by the Alaska Alpine Club. You must be a member of the Alaska Alpine Club to use the hut. That’s where the “type II” fun started. Box 31312, Fort Greely, AK 99731All text and photos on this site are copyrighted. December 12. Last winter and already this winter, many people did not successfully reach the ice cave at the front of Castner Glacier on their own for a variety of reasons, so please read through the info in this Facebook post before trying to reach the cave on your own, especially if you are not from Alaska or have not been to Castner Glacier before. ... winter 2018/2019; explore alaska. )Receive a discount when you also book an Aurora Borealis Photography Tour. The easiest way up to either ice tongue is to walk, ski, or snowshoe on the southernmost medial moraine. Route Description: Castner Glacier is the simplest glacier to reach coming from Fairbanks, and for the past several years it’s been the easiest place to find an ice cave as well. It’s not your stereotypical blue glacier calving into a big lake or the ocean, but rather a gritty valley glacier covered in rock, mud, and—in the winter—snow. Behind me, the cave extends far back. (No ice climbing gear required. The glacier is fairly crevassed and avalanche or rockslide risk on the slopes is high (even small slopes like the moraine). Join me! It’s a little over 1 mile to the glacier. We walked to the bowl in the Center of the pictures. This east-west running glacier splits at about mile-7 from the road into a north (main branch or White Princess Branch) and south (M’ladies branch). I have at least 30 guides in draft now, and am hoping to add 50 by the end of 2020! November 28. N 63° 27.156’ W 145° 32.181’ – 4800 ft (1463 m). Please do not reproduce without permission. Also up the White Princess Branch is a stunning view of Silvertip. While returning from the first ascent of Black Cap in the spring of 1961, AAC member Bucky Wilson and others noticed the fantastic hut site, a green alpine meadow spared by two branches of the Castner Glacier. Aug 7, 2020 - How to hike Castner Glacier Ice Cave Trail near Paxson, Alaska. November 10, 2020 Update: Now that winter has arrived, the ice cave at the front of Castner Glacier is accessible again, and should remain accessible throughout winter. We hiked to Castner Glacier Ice Cave on March 14, 2020. Look at those layers of ice and sediment! (photo courtesy Todd Baham) I spend quite a bit of time hiking in the backcountry of Alaska to find gorgeous sights that few people ever see. Frequent snows and wind events last winter made it very difficult to hike to the cave without snowshoes or skis; don’t try the hike without them unless you are very fit and want to suffer, and don’t fall in Castner Creek! Looking up at the Castner glacier hidden by snow. The temperature dropped as we drove north, eventually hitting -24 °F as we climbed into the Eastern Alaska Range. Travel upon the glacier is … How to shoot the northern lights, how to edit photos in post-processing with a focus on FOSS software programs. Be advised that Castner Creek has just recently frozen over, so be careful crossing Castner Creek as there may be open water lurking beneath the snow.

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