... Generally speaking, the higher the number at the front, the better the steel. The better they do, the more perfect the blade performance will be. I like them both a lot as far as lower end steels go. At first, you should not forget to ask yourself about what you want to work with the knife. Now, it is time to apply this information on both Sandvik 14c28n and 8cr13mov. The name stands for V Gold 10 ("gold" meaning quality), or sometimes V-Kin-10 (V金10号) (kin means "gold" in Japanese). Thanks to the chemical optimization, it presents for a new generation of hardness, excellent performance and wearing resistance as well. To sum up, if you desire to invest a super-high-quality knife without money consideration, feel free to pick the ones with the blade of the 14c28n. 10-24 ... Blade Material: 440c vs 154cm In blades with thicker geometry it looses some of that special status. You can use this chart to try to find the best steel for you. "name": "Shooting Mystery", Highly unlikely. 14C28N vs VG10 After spending most of his career as a firearms expert and instructor in Nebraska, he retreated to the great outdoors to enjoy retirement. Sandvik 14C28N, VG10, 154CM, S30V? So, the first name deserves one bonus point. [ "image": { Reprofiling is harder because VG10 really likes to roll over and form a burr, while 14C28N does not, and is somewhat more wear resistant. The low price does not mean unreasonable quality. Steel is essentially an alloy (i.e. Transform your studio at a fraction of the cost. 14C28N VG10; EDGE RETENTION: 3/10: 5/10: EASE OF SHARPNESS: 6/10: 6/10: CORROSION RESISTANCE: 7/10: 7/10: TOUGHNESS: 6/10: 4/10: VG10 has higher edge retention, slightly lower toughness and the same level of corrosion resistance compared to the CTS BD1 steel. And of course, they understand everything around the treatment of heating. Do you dare to say that you know about it all? With an origin from China, the 8cr13mov continuously gets a lot of appreciation from both manufacturers and users. Thanks to Phil Wilson for become a Knife Steel Nerds Patreon supporter. They both take really good edges and hold them for a decent while. With that, S30V is more difficult to sharpen than 14C28N, though neither are especially difficult. "url": "https://mk0shootingmyst008bi.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/P1010014.jpg" In the race of Sandvik 14c28n vs 8cr13mov, if the former’s strength lies in the excellent combination, the other is outstanding with its fair price. 440C QuoteGuycep;1526589A little while back I was asked to take a look at a new steel from Sandvik...14C28N. The 14c28n seems to last longer than the VG10 but I can never get it quite as sharp. At present, the Sandvik 14c28n become the latest innovation of the steel for knife through a continuous development. However, this post has taken a little longer due to the sheer enormity of the subject.Steel is arguably the most important aspect of a knife. 14C28N. An alternative to r/knives. "@type": "Organization", In detail, the hardness is 55-62 HRC. Re: Blade material: Sandvik 14C28N, VG10, 154CM, S30V? For instance, in cooking, only a knife with a strong fixed blade can do the continuous blows. "@type": "Article", View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Enlightened Join Date Mar 2008 Location NorCal Posts 75. The carbon aspect is minuscule in the blade’s makeup, however. Each manufacturer has their secret for the heat-treating process which cannot be in public. This knife may be for cooking, that one may be for the craft while the other may be for the outdoor activities. Such technique also lets us know that even an inexpensive type of steel can be upgraded thanks to the heating treatment. Ref - AISI 440A vs. 440B Steel Composition comparison. All things pocket knives. I like them both. Don’t confuse CPM 154 with 154 CM steel, CPM154 is a developed version of the 154CM Steel, benefiting from the CPM process of @Crucible, many costume knife maker finds their ease in using the CPM 154 Steel thanks to it balance properties, which attracted my intention. Figures showed that in this steel, the Mo made up 0.55% and it was the N content. Don't hesitate to buy a knife in Sandvik steel, but understand that you're likely buying a budget knife. { ", The blade of a knife can be made from a variety of materials, the most common being carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel and alloy steel.Other less-common materials used in knife blades include: cobalt and titanium alloys, ceramics, obsidian, and plastic. I look at spyderco’s handling of ZDP189 vs Rockstead knives’ treatment (and price difference lol!) Technically, the heating treatment is a process in which mechanics control the temperatures on the steel for the even results of the microstructure. If you find any U.S made Benchmade in 440C steel, that's discontinued so you might want to get the new version instead. In the race of Sandvik 14c28n vs 8cr13mov, if the former’s strength lies in the excellent combination, the other is outstanding with its fair price.It is the reason why you should not ignore the 8cr13mov when considering the best EDC knife under $50. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. VG10 steel vs. S30V steel: Which one is the better choice? "logo": { Cobalt in Steel There is a lot of misinformation out there… Continue reading Why There is Cobalt in VG-10 The knife is made by Italian manufacturer Fantoni and is a small hideout/boot knife, but this was prima VG10 steel is considered a high-carbon steel. By contrast, for an economic option, let’s turn to the 8cr13mov. It is the reason why you should not ignore the 8cr13mov when considering the best EDC knife under $50. © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Shooting Mystery, 14c28n vs 8cr13mov: Things to Know Before Deciding, Steel Firms Never Provide You With Full Information, The Heat Treatment Should Be in Your Concern. Moreover, despite not as high as the Sandvik 14c28n, the 8cr13mov’s hardness is still 56-59 HRC – an acceptable level. VG10 is more wear resistant, but tends to roll over, which hurts cutting performance just like wear/blunting does. Then, the balance among hard-condition resistance and strength will be available all the time.

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