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Retail Technology: VIRTUAL RETAIL, by “FOCUS on Fashion Retail” Magazine

FOCUS ON FASHION RETAIL HIGH-END FASHION AND LUXURY LIFESTYLE TRADE MAGAZINE FOR AMERICAN RETAILERS     the August 2017 issue VIRTUAL RETAIL intro- Over the past years we have been reading titles such as “The iconic brand is expected to close 200 stores worldwide…” or “The luxury store tries to keep its charm for…

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Andrey-Golub-TSUM-Vononezh-Dorogoe Udovoljstvie

Your Firsthand Branded Shoes, Look&Style-Interview (RU), “Dorogoe Udovoljstvie” Magazine, Voronezh- Russia

Your Firsthand Branded Shoes, Look&Style-Interview, “Dorogoe Udovoljstvie”* Magazine, Voronezh- Russia ELSE Corp and its Virtual Fashion Corner at the Russian Department Store TSUM Voronezh * Dorogoe Udovoljstvie Dorogoe – eng.: expensive Udovoljstvie – eng.:pleasure get the PDF version READ ONLINE (in RUSSIAN)

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The Future of Fashion - RTFS

The Real Time Fashion System (#RTFS) saga: Can Fashion be ever Sustainable?

The RTFS (Real Time Fashion System) Saga, Episode 1 Can fashion be ever sustainable? First thing to understand for the fashion industry, is that it is no longer that much about “what” (in the meaning of styles of clothes), but more about “how”. How does the brand create an accurate process of production, distribution and…

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ELSE Corp Ha partecipato alla Convention 4.0 di VAR Group

press release   ELSE Corp Ha partecipato alla Convention 4.0 di VAR Group Introducendo il loro “Virtual Bespoke Atelier 3D” Milano, 17 Maggio 2017: ELSE Corp ha partecipato all’evento organizzato da VAR Group CONVENTION 4.0: Living Transformation, un meeting B2B annuale dedicato ai partner e clienti dell’azienda, che offre ai partecipanti la possibilità di sperimentare…

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Personalizing e-commerce: Top takeaways from the Glossy Summit

via Personalizing e-commerce: Top takeaways from the Glossy Summit At this week’s Glossy Summit in Miami, centered on mastering the modern retail experience, executives from top brands and retailers met in groups to discuss the biggest issues on their minds today. Group 1 focused on the personalization of e-commerce, including how much is too…

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5 Mega Trends in 3D (guest post)

it’s a guest post from ShareMy3D A couple of times a year I send an update to customers, friends, co-workers and other contacts, summarizing what you need to know in the 3D technology space. The objective is to provide insights and tools to reinvent and adapt to a 3D world. Wow, it’s been an exciting…

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Not just a fad: Pop-up stores shore up rough retail real estate market- Glossy

via Not just a fad: Pop-up stores shore up rough retail real estate market by Hilary Milnes As department stores shutter locations across the country, brands are reconsidering what the purpose of a physical store should be. With the look and feel of the store changing, long-term leases for retailers are becoming less common,…

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The state of data strategy in fashion and retail- Glossy

via The state of data strategy in fashion and retail by Hilary Milnes Brands and retailers today are tasked with a tall, if oft-repeated, order: Know your customers. Getting a handle on customer data has become table stakes, even in fashion — where zeroes and ones seemingly clash with the subjective sartorial flair that…

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Direct to Consumer (D2C) Business Model

Direct to Consumer (D2C) Business Model: How Demand and Technology Made Fashion Go Real-Time, FashionBI Research

Today’s consumers are better informed, better connected and more conscious of the values and authenticity… 1 in 5 consumers interested in personalised products or services are willing to pay a +20% premium… 15+ major fashion labels have announced See Now Buy Now collections for 2017… a new report by FashionBI Direct to Consumer (D2C) Business…

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The TRUE Cost of RETAIL, or why Everlane Sells a $300 Shoe for $168

via How Everlane Sells a $300 Shoe for $168 The Modern Loafer. Everlane Price: $168. Traditional Retail: $270. Raise your hand if you’ve been here before: You see a shoe. You fall in love. You stalk Instagram, Pinterest, Google, and when you finally find the coveted shoe online, you discover it costs half a…

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