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How Fast Fashion Exposes Retailers to Supply Chain Compliance Risks- Capgemini

via How Fast Fashion Exposes Retailers to Supply Chain Compliance Risks By Cyndi Fulk Lago and Michael Wohlfart, Capgemini Once upon a time, new fashion collections were introduced in the fall and spring. Socialites followed the runway shows to select looks for their charity balls. Families went “back-to-school” wardrobe shopping. Spring looks showcased lightweight fabrics…

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5 Mega Trends in 3D (guest post)

it’s a guest post from ShareMy3D A couple of times a year I send an update to customers, friends, co-workers and other contacts, summarizing what you need to know in the 3D technology space. The objective is to provide insights and tools to reinvent and adapt to a 3D world. Wow, it’s been an exciting…

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Detailing Amazon’s Custom-Clothing Patent- The NYT, Technology

via Detailing Amazon’s Custom-Clothing Patent In April, Amazon received an intriguing patent for an “on demand” apparel manufacturing system, which can quickly fill online orders for suits, dresses and other garments. Here’s how it would work. By NICK WINGFIELD and KELLY COUTURIER Image Credit: Amazon Ordering and Printing Patterns The process starts when customers…

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Glossy 101: The prioritization of personalization

via Glossy 101: The prioritization of personalization by Jessica Schiffer In a world of curated feeds and tailored recommendations (see: Facebook and Netflix), today’s consumers have come to expect that all of their experiences will cater directly to their interests. Shopping is no exception, so retailers heading towards an uncertain future are relying on…

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Metodo e sistema di modifica di forme per scarpa basati sull'applicazione di toppe addizionali

Next patent filled by ELSE Corp: A shoe-last modification method for industrial Made to Measure footwear

Here’s another “short announcement” to inform our supporters- and not only ;),  that ELSE Corp has just filled its 4-th patent (previous announcements: #1, #2, #3), related to their industrial invention named “Virtual Retail”, and its related innovative industrial processes around mass customization, made to order and industrial made to measure. This patent is about…

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Millennials Say “Why Not” to Artificial Intelligence- Emarketer

via Artificial Intelligence? Millennials Say, ‘Why Not?’ Younger consumers are more willing to trade data for suggestions Author: Jeremy Kressmann Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity with businesses and consumers in the retail industry, and many expect a wave of new AI-based recommendation tools for online shoppers. Perhaps the best sign of consumers’ increasing…

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Not just a fad: Pop-up stores shore up rough retail real estate market- Glossy

via Not just a fad: Pop-up stores shore up rough retail real estate market by Hilary Milnes As department stores shutter locations across the country, brands are reconsidering what the purpose of a physical store should be. With the look and feel of the store changing, long-term leases for retailers are becoming less common,…

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The base for the future of the fashion industry: Vision 2 Vision with ELSE Corp founder at VIVAIO VISIONARY FORUM

Will the world change in the next 10 years? Milan, May 19th, 2017 Triennale di Milano Salone d’onore Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6 20121 Milan, Italy VIVAIO VISIONARY FORUM is the first Vision 2 Vision international meeting, with an ambitious goal: collecting visions of the future, as a guide for innovation.   A Japanese proverb says: “Vision without action is a…

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Living Transformation: Meet ELSE Corp at the INNOVATION PLAZA- Convention 4.0 by VAR GROUP, 15, 16 May 2017

Living Transformation 15 e 16 maggio Palazzo dei Congressi, Riccione Convention 4.0 EVENTO: INNOVATION PLAZA: ELSE Corp ( a Virtual Retail company, is a Cloud SaaS Platform & Service Provider for Mass Customization and Industrial Made to Measure.   MEET US:    

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Perfect Size

This T-Shirt Start-Up Is Doing Something Totally New: the best t-shirt in the world, offer perfectly sized t-shirts

via This T-Shirt Start-Up Is Doing Something Totally New The startup that has taken Scandinavia by storm has finally launched in the UK.  has the simple yet ambitious aspiration to make the best t-shirt in the world, and is already making headway, being the very first brand globally to offer perfectly sized t-shirts by…

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