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Virtual Couture Fashion- MTM Fitting

IT Manager (Russia): Виртуальный кутюр уже у порога

via Ольга Мельник- Журналист, редактор, обозреватель Как конкретные цифровые технологии изменят производство продукта, его проектирование, продажи и всю цепочку связанной с ним стоимости, рассказывает Андрей Голуб, эксперт в области цифровизации индустрии моды, профессор двух Школ моды в Милане, основатель стартапа ELSE Corp. Какие проблемы индустрии моды подталкивают отрасль к переменам? Какие подходы могли бы кардинально…

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RTFS Saga, episode 4: From 3D CAD in Fashion to Personal Style Patterns- Virtual Couture Fashion 2019

VIRTUAL COUTURE FASHION™: A REAL TIME FASHION SYSTEM Virtual Couture Fashion™, is a vision for a new Real Time Fashion System bringing AI driven design, new technologies, a new value chain, a completely new business model and new manufacturing methods to the Fashion industry. It aims to accelerate the transformation of the industry towards a…

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With Levi’s Shoppers can now Customize an individual pair of jeans

via Levi’s to Let Shoppers Design Custom Jeans By Patrycja Malinowska Levi Strauss & Co. is transitioning to an operating model for the digital era, leveraging new technology to radically reduce the time it takes to bring a product to market and unveiling a new ability for consumers to design their own pair of jeans, Marc…

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Where does leather come from? And what will you think about leather now?

via Where does leather come from? What is the true origin of the leather? What’s its use? The ecological responsibility advents not always answer these questions clearly. The animal exploitation is uniquely destined to the production of fashion products or is the fashion industry just recycling waste? “A Future for European Leather!” is a…

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Magic Wand Retail Revolution The retail excellence accelerator


via 10 STARTUP FINALISTE ACCEDONO A MAGIC WAND RETAIL REVOLUTION L’acceleratore di Digital Magics per innovare il settore del retail e creare il negozio del futuro ha 8 importanti partner: Auchan Retail Italia, Cisco, Do different, Nava Design, Nexi, RDS 100% GRANDI SUCCESSI, SisalPay e UBI Banca Le 10 finaliste vincono 5.000 Euro e…

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La startup che progetta il futuro del retail- B2corporate

via La startup che progetta il futuro del retail La digital transformation sta portando importanti cambiamenti non solo nel modus operandi delle aziende ma anche nel nostro modo di vivere. Intelligenza artificiale, machine learning e data management sono pilastri fondamentali per costruire e pianificare il Retail del futuro. I big data rappresentano un asset davvero straordinario per analisi predittive…

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X-Rite Virtual Light Booth

X-Rite Virtual Light Booth

X-Rite Virtual Light Booth Immersive 3D Visualization Environment for Evaluating Material Appearance  The Virtual Light Booth provides an unparalleled ability to accurately compare physical and digital material samples, streamlining the design approval process and accelerating time to market. see also: The ELSE Corp’s Platform for 3D Commerce and Virtual Retail now supports the Appearance Exchange…

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Alvanon’s New 3D Body Platform Launched With 6,000 Models- Sourcing Journal

via Alvanon’s New 3D Body Platform Launched With 6,000 Models The Alvanon Body Platform (ABP) is a cloud database of over 6,000 virtual bodies designed for hundreds of fashion and retail brands globally. These bodies will be easily accessible by brands and their authorized vendors for a seamless transition into the digital supply chain video via…

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The conference where manufacturing meets design Febuary 21, 2019 we are organising a groundbreaking new conference in Milan, Italy, called FOOTWEARISM! It will take place at SIMAC Tanning Tech, the largest footwear machinery show in the world. This attracts footwear technicians and innovators from all over the world. It also runs concurrently with Lineapelle, the famous show…

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MoClub: The top 10 premium startups to watch in 2019 in the luxury industry

via The top 10 premium startups to watch in 2019 in the luxury industry Nowadays the luxury fashion industry is facing one of the most challenging demographic transition of all times. Because of the increasingly cumbersome presence of technology and the definitive imposition of the new generation called “millennials” (which includes all people born between…

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