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Deep Learning vs Classical Machine Learning

Deep Learning vs Classical Machine Learning- Towards Data Science

via by George Seif Deep Learning vs Classical Machine Learning Over the past several years, deep learning has become the go-to technique for most AI type problems, overshadowing classical machine learning. The clear reason for this is that deep learning has repeatedly demonstrated its superior performance on a wide variety of tasks including speech, natural…

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Data Science in Fashion- KDnuggets

via Data Science in Fashion Fashion industry is an extremely competitive and dynamic market. Trends and styles change with the blink of an eye. Data Science can be used here on historical data to predict the trends which will be “Hot” hence potentially saving a lot of time and money. By Preet Gandhi, NYU Center…

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Using Node.js + OpenCV for Face Recognition- Medium

via Node.js + OpenCV for Face Recognition OpenCV — Node.js Tutorial Series by Vincent Mühler Recently I have added the face recognition algorithms from OpenCV contrib to opencv4nodejs, an npm package, which allows you to use OpenCV in your Node.js application. Today we are going to take a look at the Fisher-, Eigen- and LBPH FaceRecognizers implemented…

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Impact of ML on the cloud: AI as a Service

this is a Guest Post by Danish Impact of ML on the Cloud Today, organizations are becoming data-driven with customers generating the bulk of data every day. With the ability to effectively analyze and generate insights from this data, organizations have able to refine their existing business strategies. Companies could develop data-driven insights using machine…

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Artificial intelligence computer technology concept, 3D rendering

Smartphones Will Get Even Smarter With On-Device Machine Learning- IEEE Spectrum

via Smartphones Will Get Even Smarter With On-Device Machine Learning It’s time for deep learning algorithms to come down from the cloud and get into your gadgets By Mehdi Bennis Engineers are on the cusp of on-device machine learning, as evidenced by the first NIPS workshop on the subject in late 2017, and the advent…

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COSMOTALKS 2018: Retail 2025: Adapt to the new Beauty Tetail landscape,- Andrey Golub, CEO of ELSE Corp

COSMOTALKS ‘Retail 2025: adapt to the new beauty retail landscape’. On Friday 16 March, ELSE Corp‘s CEO & Co-Founder, Andrey Golub, presented his vision of the Retail of the Future during the COSMOTALKS, “a perfect combination of strategic insight and granular detail, with coverage that moves as fast as the market itself”. more info:

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the Future of Retail Technologies- Interview for OSA Hybrid Platform at EuroCIS 2018

The Future of Retail Technologies- Interview for OSA Hybrid Platform at EuroCIS 2018

“The Future of Retail Technologies and the Raise of AI”- An interview for OSA Hybrid Platform at EuroCIS 2018, Andrey Golub- CEO & co-Founder @ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company. ELSE Corp participated at EuroCIS 2018, the leading trade fair for retail technology, we present our two main concepts ‘Virtual Retail’ and ‘Virtual Couture Fashion’….

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Fashion That Fits- ApparelNews

via Fashion That Fits by Jerry Inman Fashion has a fit problem, and it’s a $62 billion–plus apparel- and footwear-return problem annually and growing, according to the Franklin, Tenn.–based global research and advisory IHL Group. A staggering 70 percent of all returned apparel online is fit related. As an industry, let’s be honest—“universal sizing” does…

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Inside the shops of the future

Inside the shops of the future – How To Spend, FT

via Inside the shops of the future Forward-thinking retailers are crunching data and experimenting with technology to create personalised, experiential stores of the future. by Rachel Arthur Those who happened past the Hermès store on New Bond Street over the festive season may have noticed an interactive experience set within its intergalactic-themed window display. Passers-by stopping…

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