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AI Innovation Primary Image enters $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE enters $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE® Milan, May 16, 2017:, a Team by the Virtual Retail company ELSE Corp, a startup working on the transformation of the fashion retail chain through their “Virtual Retail” and “Real Time Fashion System“ innovative vision; announce their official entry into the IBM Watson AI…

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AI Innovation Primary Image Partecipa al $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE

PER LA DIFFUSIONE IMMEDIATA Partecipa al $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE® Milano, 16 Maggio 2017:, Team dell’azienda di Virtual Retail ELSE Corp, una startup che lavora sulla trasformazione della catena del fashion retail attraverso una propria visione innovativa di “Virtual Retail” e di “Real Time Fashion System”; comunica l’ingresso ufficiale all’ IBM Watson…

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Real Time Fashion System- Overal Picture

The Real Time Fashion System (#RTFS) saga: why Predictive matter?

The RTFS (Real Time Fashion System) Saga, Episode 2 Why Predictive Matter? First thing to understand for the fashion industry, is that it is no longer that much about “what” (in the meaning of styles of clothes), but more about “how”. How does the brand create an accurate process of production, distribution and supply chain…

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AI Powered Startups Around The World Part 3

How AI is enabling mass personalization across many industries: AI Powered Startups Around The World, Part 3

via Margaretta Colangelo How AI is enabling mass personalization across many industries … #ArtificialIntelligence #medicine #VentureCapital #AI Startups covered: ELSE Corp PhenoMx DenninX MarianaIQ Red Sift Gluru Read the story HERE Margaretta Colangelo is President of U1 Technologies and Managing Director of Margaretta Colangelo Ventures in San Francisco. Margaretta’s interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning,…

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Glossy 101: The prioritization of personalization

via Glossy 101: The prioritization of personalization by Jessica Schiffer In a world of curated feeds and tailored recommendations (see: Facebook and Netflix), today’s consumers have come to expect that all of their experiences will cater directly to their interests. Shopping is no exception, so retailers heading towards an uncertain future are relying on…

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Why Retailers Are Racing to Crack the Personalization Code – Emarketer

via Why Retailers Are Racing to Crack the Personalization Code  Study suggests $800 billion is at stake From Starbucks to Walmart, retailers are investing to figure out how to speak to consumers on a personal basis, with the goal of offering products and services that are truly one-to-one recommendations. There are some hefty rewards…

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Millennials Say “Why Not” to Artificial Intelligence- Emarketer

via Artificial Intelligence? Millennials Say, ‘Why Not?’ Younger consumers are more willing to trade data for suggestions Author: Jeremy Kressmann Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity with businesses and consumers in the retail industry, and many expect a wave of new AI-based recommendation tools for online shoppers. Perhaps the best sign of consumers’ increasing…

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