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QUANDO IL LUSSO È VIRTUALE: Arriva Else corp, il virtual retail che rivoluziona la moda di lusso- POP ECONOMY

via ARRIVA ELSE CORP, IL VIRTUAL RETAIL CHE RIVOLUZIONA LA MODA DEL LUSSO Per una moda di lusso, più creativa e personalizzata, nasce la start up che da vita al virtual retail Else Corp, Exclusive luxury shopping experience, è una start up. Più precisamente una piattaforma, nata nel 2014, di virtual retail per una…

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footwearism - sewing for simac

FOOTWEARISM 2019: techies and creatives literally meet in the middle at SIMAC and Lineapelle

via FOOTWEARISM:  the conference at SIMAC/Lineapelle where techies & creatives join forces On Febuary 21, 2019 we are organising a groundbreaking new conference in Milan, Italy, called FOOTWEARISM!  Nowadays you can pretty much visit a footwear innovation conference every month and be informed about emerging technologies. That is great, but these usually do not help you…

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Fashion, Tech & Law – La moda del futuro

Techno Fashion: Fashion, Tech & Law – La moda del futuro

via Fashion, Tech & Law – La moda del futuro Lo Studio Legale e Tributario CBA, presso la sua sede in San Babila a Milano, ha organizzato di recente un convegno dal nome “Fashion, Tech & Law”. Il Cavaliere Mario Boselli L’evento si è aperto con un’introduzione del Cavaliere Mario Boselli, rinomato imprenditore italiano di…

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How Reebok’s 3D Technology Is Breaking the Mold

via Bloomberg Technology   Reebok is using 3D technology to break the mold. Bloomberg’s Anne Mostue visited the Boston-based company’s headquarters to see how it’s using proprietary liquid material, software and robotics to draw shoes in three-dimensional layers.  

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3 Ways Industry 4.0 Will Impact Retail- PTC

via 3 Ways Industry 4.0 Will Impact Retail by Greg Kaminsky As Industry 4.0 unfolds into the rise of smart, advanced manufacturing, many industries will be forever changed by new technologies that help to further optimize business operations. When we think of retail and fast fashion, images of shopping, trendy styles, and social media…

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The Digital Textile Revolution: Why Textile Micro-Factories Will Change the Future of Fashion- WhichPLM

via Why Textile Micro-Factories Will Change the Future of Fashion Here, resident digital printing expert Debbie McKeegan shares the benefits of emerging micro-factories in the Fashion and Textile industries. Debbie is the CEO of TexIntel – an expert advisory practice serving the Creative, Digital and Print Textile manufacturing Industry. Traditional textile manufacturing is changing, as never before, and…

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CEO ELSE Corp. Андрей Голуб Читать полностью:

DI- TUT.BY: О чем говорили бизнесмены и маркетологи на “Деловом интернете – 2018”

via, О чем говорили бизнесмены и маркетологи на “Деловом интернете — 2018” День второй: бизнес 3 ноября прошел второй поток конференции «Деловой интернет», посвященный бизнесу. Спектр тем, на которые высказывались спикеры, был необычайно широк. От новых экспортных стратегий до возможных сценариев будущего, от современных принципов найма и мотивации персонала до глубоко личных драйверов роста и источников энергии. На конференции выступили известные рестораторы,…

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3D Printing: Sustaining a Fashion Statement

3D Printing: Sustaining a Fashion Statement- Thomas Industry Update

via 3D Printing: Sustaining a Fashion Statement Last week, the premier semi-annual fashion event known as New York Fashion Week (NYFW) took the city by storm, with seven days of innovative designs, exciting new concepts, and top influencers seeing and being seen. Attended by the most elite members of the fashion community and some…

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