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Supply Chain, Innovation, Technology 2019

SAVE THE DATE: Supply Chain, Innovation, Technology: Jun 19-20, Microsoft New York Headquarters

Supply Chain, Innovation, Technology 2019, by The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation SAVE THE DATE: Wed, June 19, 2019, 9:30 AM – Thu, June 20, 2019, 5:00 PM EDT Microsoft New York Headquarters, 11 Times Square, 6th floor, New York, NY 10036 KICK-OFF & KEYNOTE Brian Laung Aoaeh , CFA & Lisa Morales -Hellebo, Co-founders of…

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Open Meals, a RoboShop for 3D printed sushi?

via Open Meals, creating 3D printed sushi   A few weeks ago during the South by SouthWest fair the Asian company Open Meals presented its project ‘Sushi Singularity’, or in other words its 3D printed sushi project. A new endeavour that will undoubtedly revolutionise the 3D printed food industry. We’ve previously talked about 3D…

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The Return of Craftsmanship in China

The Return of Craftsmanship in China- Jing Daily

via The Return of Craftsmanship in China For centuries, the label “Made in China” meant exceptional craftsmanship and represented a benchmark of quality and beauty. European traders and power brokers traveled the Silk Road to purchase silks, stone-carved decorative pieces, cashmere, unique calligraphy, and first-rate ceramics. Yet over the past four decades, attempts at…

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la-conceria-4 La struttura tecnologica

Customizzazione di massa- Ora i tempi sono maturi! LaConceria- Senza Staggioni è Meglio?

via 26 Mar 2019 La struttura tecnologica La customizzazione di massa promette di liberare il processo produttivo dalla stagionalità delle collezioni e al contempo la filiera della moda dal rischio stock, fornendo al cliente una calzatura su misura. “Ora i tempi sono maturi”. Nel numero 3/2019 del nostro mensile intervistiamo Andrey Golub, fondatore di…

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Le startup italiane che stanno cambiando il mondo della moda- Business Advisor

via Le startup italiane che stanno cambiando il mondo della moda Anche in Italia il mondo delle startup si sta espandendo a settori che cercano sempre più di adottare soluzione tecnologiche e innovative per offrire ai clienti servizi migliori e più accattivanti. Uno di quelli più promettenti è quello della moda, conosciuto anche come…

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Virtual Couture Fashion- MTM Fitting

IT Manager (Russia): Виртуальный кутюр уже у порога

via Ольга Мельник- Журналист, редактор, обозреватель Как конкретные цифровые технологии изменят производство продукта, его проектирование, продажи и всю цепочку связанной с ним стоимости, рассказывает Андрей Голуб, эксперт в области цифровизации индустрии моды, профессор двух Школ моды в Милане, основатель стартапа ELSE Corp. Какие проблемы индустрии моды подталкивают отрасль к переменам? Какие подходы могли бы кардинально…

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Cosmotalks 2019: ELSE Corp at Cosmoprof

ELSE Corp Illustra le 5 Fasi dell’Evoluzione del Settore Beauty al Cosmoprof 2019

ELSE Corp Illustra le 5 Fasi dell’Evoluzione del Settore Beauty al Cosmoprof 2019 Milano, 15 Marzo 2019 – ELSE Corp – a Virtual Retail Company, startup italiana che lavora sullo sviluppo della piattaforma di Virtual Retail nominata E.L.S.E. (acronimo di Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), per proporre una nuova esperienza di Shopping Virtuale in 3D, ha…

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RTFS Saga, episode 4: From 3D CAD in Fashion to Personal Style Patterns- Virtual Couture Fashion 2019

VIRTUAL COUTURE FASHION™: A REAL TIME FASHION SYSTEM Virtual Couture Fashion™, is a vision for a new Real Time Fashion System bringing AI driven design, new technologies, a new value chain, a completely new business model and new manufacturing methods to the Fashion industry. It aims to accelerate the transformation of the industry towards a…

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With Levi’s Shoppers can now Customize an individual pair of jeans

via Levi’s to Let Shoppers Design Custom Jeans By Patrycja Malinowska Levi Strauss & Co. is transitioning to an operating model for the digital era, leveraging new technology to radically reduce the time it takes to bring a product to market and unveiling a new ability for consumers to design their own pair of jeans, Marc…

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NEVER LET GO by FOOTWEARISM and Virtual 3D Sampling powered by E.L.S.E. at Simac 2019

NEVER LET GO and Timberland by FOOTWEARISM at SIMAC 2019 Virtual 3D Sampling powered by E.L.S.E. FOOTWEARISM at Simac 2019- the conference where manufacturing meets design. Andrey Golub, ELSE Corp’s CEO, and Sergio Dulio from ATOM Lab were also speaking at the Conference FOOTWEARISM @SIMAC 2019, that aimed to bring both audiences together for an…

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