ELSE Corp – A Virtual Retail Company

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ELSE Corp is an Italian startup that since 2014 has been developing a technologically advanced SaaS platform, focused on providing an extraordinary Customer Experience, able to support Virtual Retail dynamics integrated with all its characteristics – from Interactive Visual Merchandising for customized sales to ERP and on-demand production – into brands’ and retailers’ e-commerce platforms.

ELSE’s tech team boasts a strong collaboration with an important European System Integration company that combines a superior knowledge of ERP systems and of the production process management.

The second part of the team is working on Design and the User Experience of the Interactive Visual Shopping processes, developing a revolutionary tool for brands and designers that will allow them to sell their exclusive and customized products, starting from 3d models, both off and online, in a totally innovative way.

All this has been achieved starting from the research carried out by ELSE’s Innovation Team, using the most advanced techniques in this sector, such as 3D Design and Visualization, tools positioned on the cloud and integrated with 3D CAD design and simulation software.

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