Rain Defence (author) from UK on November 03, 2013: You're welcome, nice to see people find it useful. It is easy to fix, and I will reopen it and vacum it again, but it is a bit annoying to have to do it twice. Bought new replacement from ,well known seller. I broke it down as far as your instructions took me, then removed the 2 screws that retain the colorwheel assembly. I got a bunch of lines cutting my image. At first, I assumed the issue was with my lamp, but after replacing that, I realized that it was more complex. The next thing to do is to take the lamp out. My poor projector started flickering just over the last week. The technical side of how it all works isn't really important, you just need to know that dust all over this part is a bad thing. And I suggest you clean fans too. Worked great. Let's see how long this lasts before the next clean-up. turned off AI it solved issue to some extent less flickering problems now. This is how I fixed it. Professional projectors like Christie have a mode for this that will pulse the lamp and restore it in minutes to hours. Your post save my hd20! The power supply is more cumbersome than the projector! This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Thanks for the help. after about 300hr i notice that the white on the screen would flicker a little ,just enough to be noticed. Not sure there's a way to save it once they've separated. Turns out the flickering is being caused by the resolution changing back and forth. But that brings it down to a power problem. I cleaned the wheel, very dirty, but no luck. The power supply is more cumbersome than the projector! Ensure that the projector is fully zoomed out. Super thanks! And what solutions have people used to clean the colour-wheel and the lens? Worked like a charm for those smaller areas inside the projector, like behind the color wheel. And was it a breeze! The projector color wheel is the main part that the light shines through and gives you the color on the screen. It's also a great technique to. I took some photos while I did it and I have written this guide in the hope of helping some other owners out. Cleaning the Color Wheel Dust can build up on your projector over time. I've had my Optoma projector for a couple of years now, with no other problems, but from Day 1, it's had a mildly-annoying signal flicker whenever I play streaming video from my Roku 3 device. Overall, I'm more than happy with my purchase, and support the idea that a used projector from a 'trusted' brand is absolutely the way to go for those on a limited budget. ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant. This is actually pretty easy. This is a known issue with the projector … Thanks for this very helpful instruction! I got my hands an a DVI to 2-HDMI converter. You're trying to remove dust, not just blow it about. After a few months of observing the issue, I'm less convinced it's a problem with the actual lamp/projector, so I've started looking elsewhere. I then lifted the top off, lifting it upwards and forwards with a bit of wiggling, to undo the clips that hold the front on. Screen flickering in Windows 10 is usually caused by a display driver issue or incompatible app. I haven't had to do it since so hopefully you won't either for a long time. Once you take it off, you'll see that there are three screws in there that fit into the recessed parts of the cover. My HD200x is running fine now. I have an Optoma HD70 projector that is exhibiting the famous "flickering" color issue - a video of this is available on YouTube, search for "Optoma HD70" and "flickering", and you should be able to find it. Hopefully this will see me through another couple of thousand hours and as it cost nothing, then it was definitely a worthwhile fix. Once the case is undone, then you need to undo the ribbon connector, that connects the buttons on the top of the case with the mainboard. Make sure that the optical surfaces is the last surface you clean. We share information about your use of the site with our advertising partners who may further share it with additional parties. Any idea what might problem be . No more flickering and I can watch films and game again. I've had my Optoma HD70 for nearly a year and in the last two weeks or so the picture's started flickering. Calvin in Connecticut. Worked like magic!!!! When new video from my YouTube subscriptions, turn on my Optoma projector. If you’re desperately trying to fix projector problems in your school, try some of the following tips from the experts at K-12 Tech. If no luck, I'll try a few different boot DVDs. This stops it from working properly. Hats off to you Sir!! 1. In May 2013 after the projector had been on for about one hour it started losing its colour sort of flickering to insipid colour or greyscale. Great! Thank you. I have had my Optoma HD20 projector for a couple of years now and have put about 2500 hrs on the lamp. How to Stop the Shaking of a Mounted Projector. I even started a thread about it here some time ago. Rain Defence (author) from UK on August 28, 2013: Adrian Cloute from Cedartown, GA on August 28, 2013: Nice! To determine whether a display driver or app is causing the problem, check to see if Task Manager flickers. If your ever in Cannock I will buy you a pint or two! Hi, I can't seem to "Just pull this part straight off".. That part sits tight and I don't want to force it :s. Rain Defence (author) from UK on June 10, 2014: Thank you, its been 40 minutes and running strong. My HD20 runs smoothly again - with crisp detailed picture again. For people who are doing this I wanna say few things. My next guess would be some type of power interference. Professional assistance is only a voice command away. If you pause the picture on your UHP projector and you see the image flickering between brighter and dimmer it is likely that your lamp is the cause. (ISF & THX Certified), Prismasonic Cylindrical Anamorphic Lenses, Accelerate Existing HDMI Cable to 18 Gbps. But not the red-blue-green colors .So if you watch a animated movie with lots of colors looks fine . Posted November 1, 2014 by W. Jeff Meier under Video. Choose a brighter future. Thank you - you saved me a bunch of $$$, I was just about to invest in a new projector. I had to use fans and open window to cool it to avoid the flickering: now it is as good as new. What I did at first was turn the projector to high altitude mode. Or am i missing something . Method 1: Fix Screen flickering in Windows 10. After this, you get to the exciting part, which is taking the top off. There are three screws that you'll need to undo, they are labelled on the next photo. Once I did this my projector started working properly again. I have just opened and cleaned my Optoma GT1080 and followed the exact same instructions you show. It can take about 100 hours of operation at high lamp to eliminate it. This has cured the flashing colors and the bad pixelation I was seeing on faces and other fine detail areas. This guide will help you solve the problem of your HD20 / HD200x projector flickering blue / green. Around 200" image size from ~3m distance from wall. I wish I had come across your excellent page here prior to attempting maintenance on my HD20. Q: When I try to play a video file from my laptop PC, the projector does not display the actual video on the projector screen. Thanks for making this awesome tutorial! Then put the lens cover on. If it does not go away on high lamp this is unlikely to work. You can hear strange noises from the projector, eventually the flickering stops and you are looking at a purple/green image all the colours are wrong. Turns out the flickering is being caused by the resolution changing back and forth. I tried various resolutions settings and also using expand and duplicate but unless I chose "show display 2 only" both kept flickering. Why Is My 4K Sony Projector Flickering?!?! Before I did it I was a bit nervous about dismantling it, but it was actually really easy and the fix worked perfectly. As the lamp ages, the shape of the two anodes may change from sharp points to a flattened state. I've labelled it on the photo. I got my hands an a DVI to 2-HDMI converter. Thanks!! Rain Defence (author) from UK on June 14, 2014: Great to hear! So far it's been working and I hope it stays that way. Vibration issues are just as common among multimedia projectors … It seems that the Optoma HD70 has a dedicated "hate club" for this very problem. thanks for taking the time to help us all out. If you've had it on, then leave it some time to cool down before you start fiddling. Your email address will not be published. Consumer units do not have this option, but they can sometimes restore a lamp by operating it in high lamp mode for many hours. No need for that right now. There are two. Great tutorial! I noticed static flickering a few months ago. I had to use some compressed air too - with a tiny lens cleaner kit - to blow dust out from hard-to-reach areas like the fan blades. When it comes to commandeering a client’s attention, there are few things more effective than a multimedia presentation – unless, of course, your multimedia projector is showing a jittery image. Just take your time and try not break anything! The Optoma ML750 gets strong recommendation from me. I suggest you to refer the article to Fix Wireless Display Adapters issues. Question on “they can sometimes restore a lamp by operating it in high lamp mode for many hours. Can someone explain how to open and take the colour-wheel out for a better cleaning? This was awesome and worked PERFECT. Do not worry! LG 65OLEDC8PLA, Optoma HD25 1080p projector, B&W Dm100 (vintage 1980's front speakers), Paradigm Servo-15 subwoofer, Mission m7c2, Mission M7ds, Pioneer vsx-ax2av-s 7.1 DD/DTS Amp J jazzert100 These won't scratch the wheel or lens. I was already to buy another bulb thinking this new one was somehow damaged. I have the weirdest problem. It didn't turn on after I assembled it - apparently the cable wasn't really connected. While I was wiping stuff, I also cleaned the lens as this had a bit of dust on it. Still, getting quite a dab hand at this now. You need to take this color wheel out and wash it with lenscleaning thing. I neglected to take caution in removing the lid, and unfortunately, broke the tiny end piece plastic connector that connects the ribbon. Good luck and thanks for reading. I tried to gently clean it attached to the projector which seemed like the only way. My vacuum was powerful enough not to need to do that, or maybe I was just lucky with the dust placement. Both film and digital projectors can suffer from blinking or flickering problems when projecting images on screen. Thanks! It does not need to be continuous operation. Optoma 3D glasses required. Easy-to-install solutions, interactivity for hands-on learning and collaboration, along with a variety of connectivity options make Optoma projectors a smart choice for any projection need. It worked fine. You have made me spare a lot of money, thank you very much. So thanks again partner, this lets me keep a great projector that I'm very happy with. Step 1. Also, I thought the proj was out of warranty and worn out. The dust wiped off it pretty easily. I see in other posts that you can pull the color wheel assembly out. This is the maximum image size the projector can produce when zoomed out. You can only do this by taking it apart. See photo below. Thanks for your comment, always nice to hear people finding any of my articles useful. If your DLP projector is aging and has a colour wheel you may eventually run into this problem. Thanks a lot! A: If the projector is mounted close to a fluorescent light source, try turning the fluorescent light off and using the remote. The answer is because it doesn’t have a way to ventilate heat. Hi, after I did all this. Good walkthrough but usually this only helps for a short time. This may be due to a fluctuating power source, a bulb or optical problem, a low refresh rate on a digital projector or a low frame rate on a film projector. To get it to work again, you have to clean the dust from as many places as you can, but specifically from the colour wheel. Rain Defence (author) from UK on September 24, 2013: That's great to hear, glad you found it useful! Thank you for posting this! I can't take any responsibility for yours, but if yours has stopped flickering recently, you have very little to lose by following this guide and it will only take you 15 minutes or so. The projector color wheel is the main part that the light shines through and gives you the color on the screen. The projector manufacturer, in order to improve the color and sharpness, also add the white yellow and pink color panel to the color wheel. As the lamp ages, the shape of the two anodes may change from sharp points to a flattened state. Scary thing to open up a projector without a guide. Everyone should try this before shelling out money for new bulbs. Any thoughts? I did some research around the web and have come to the conclusion/assumption that it is more than likely the color wheel sensor. I LOVE my HD20!! It's most noticeable in the top left corner of the screen, the PJ is ceiling mounted. I just received my Optoma HD20 back from repairs. It took it apart, cleaned the wheel and voila, no flickering. Once you have taken that off, then you want to get your vacuum cleaner and give everything in there a good clean. So I have not really used it since only than to test it works perfect for an hour then what I described above happens. Thank you very much for your tutorial. A blinking projector screen is, at best, a minor annoyance, and, more often than not, a complete distraction that makes it hard for viewers to focus on the content of your presentation. fired it up with BD player guess what , white flicker only other colors ok . After you've done this, then pop the flap open and undo the screws that hold the lamp in. I will let you all know how it turns out! If the problem still exists, try controlling the projector with the projector controls. Visit at Projector.my or call at +603-2110-5059. This is something that can be fixed. I've had my Optoma projector for a couple of years now, with no other problems, but from Day 1, it's had a mildly-annoying signal flicker whenever I play streaming video from my Roku 3 device. Whether you’re outfitting an office or a school, Optoma offers the right projectors to meet every budget. I came across this issue with an old Optoma HD800X DLP projector purchased used of ebay. I just wiped the lens with a lenspen and a lint-free cloth, and cleaned the colour wheel too, with the same cloth. tried different ,BD player ,hdmi cable , power out let same thing . I would check turning things off in your home and powered devices in your theater. My projector started flickering colors. Legend. To do this just undo the two screws. What Causes Your Projector Image Color Flickering . This behavior is inherent to UHP lamps. Some lens cleaning tissues, typically used for cleaning camera lens. Cleaning the wheel, too, isn't wrong, of course! My Optoma HD70 projector began flickering and flashing magenta and green (similar to what you see in this YouTube video. Hi folks. This guided walk-through provides steps to Troubleshoot screen flickering in Windows 10. Good instructions. You can hear strange noises from the projector, eventually the flickering stops and you are looking at a purple/green image all the colours … Each piece separated. These projectors are the same internally, one has a black case and one has a white case, so this guide works for both. Around 200" image size from ~3m distance from wall. I put it in and it started flickering after about 20 min. Thanks! Hope it helps. I'm so glad to have found these instructions! Hey Guys - "think" I have the same problem here - My projector seems to run fine but then after 30-40 minutes, it flickers and turns off, giving the "lamp fail" blinking lights on the unit? I tried various resolutions settings and also using expand and duplicate but unless I chose "show display 2 only" both kept flickering. When I pull out the cable of the projector the flickering stops on the monitor, but when I pull out the cable of the monitor the flickering … After a 15 minute warm up period, the colour starts to flicker. I hope the internet had more good articles like this one and less crap.. Have a good weekend everyone.. :). Mine is still going strong after doing this with no trace of flickering returning so hopefully yours will be the same. I stuck a pencil into both fans to stop them spinning and got the vacuum cleaner as close as I could. But yep when i got it home ,clean it , replace bulb . I hardly think the lamp is about finished as it has been used sparingly hence asking your advice. So that means my cable length is fine and so is the cable. The flickering is constant and is in an area that is about 6 inches in height and about 18 inches in width. So, your Optoma projector is having flickering/strobing color issues? When this occurs, the arc jumps across the gap from varying points. This simply pulls off. Webcam detects motion then LED on and unmute my Optoma projector. Is there any advice you can offer on how to fix? It was fine up until recently, when after about 20 minutes or so, the colours on screen would start flickering. I wish I saw your post before buying the new lamp. The next part is to wipe the colour wheel with the lens cleaner. Neither projectors have had firmware update ,that i just found (don’t no what firmware update is for ) Mr Double Trouble. If you take your time you shouldn't break anything. This part was covered in dust, you can put the lens cleaner tissue against it and spin the wheel with your finger to clean off both sides.

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