Smith and Wesson MP 2 (Highest Rated) Price Range: Around $25. What appears at first to be a simple pen is revealed to be a well thought out defensive weapon capable of stopping attackers and, in the hands of the trained, an offensive tool capable of restraining and incapacitating. The extra functions implemented in pens are usually related to situations regarding tactical operations, survival or self defense. The tactical pen can be used as a survival tool in outdoor excursions or outright jungle survival. Many of the tactical pens for sale have their own sets of features that would always amaze you along with the great prices we offer. Other tactical pens deploy so that in an ice-pick grip the pen portion of the pen is pointed “down” and then you must switch the pen around in your grip to have the “ouch” end of the pen pointed the right way. Knives . The Atomic Bear tactical pens are designed to write smoothly with a continuous ink flow for a remarkable writing experience. They have a … Free returns. In addition to the extra functions of these pens, they usually are created of very though metals, making them (almost) indestructible. Find out which one will suit you the most. For its simplicity, it’s a bit pricey though… You’ll have to pay about $55 on Amazon. It is designed so as to shatter auto glass on its contact. Brand New . We use pens on a daily basis. Shop Tactical Pens with Fisher Space ink cartridges here. Tactical Pens are great for non-lethal self defence. Q. Packs & Bags. C $7.80. There are 478 tactical pen for sale on Etsy, and they cost $35.20 on average. Although this pocket clip is, just like the one from the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black, made from stainless steel, it is integrated into the pen body, rather than bolted onto the pen body (as with the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black). C $16.87. Many tactical pens are made up of military grade steel, plus additional functions that can weigh down the tactical pen. These pens, on the side which is not used for writing, feature a … Best Self Defense Tactical Pen .com is a review site about the 5 best self defense tactical pens for sale: the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black, Hoffman Richter Stinger Spy Pen, Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen, NiteCore NTP10 Tactical Self Defense Pen and the Benchmade Tactical Pen. Some may also refer to these multi-functional pens as strike pens or tactical strike pens because multi-functional pens usually contain an hardened tip which can be used to strike an attacker or strike a window, functioning as a glass breaking tool. Defense and tactical pens are a small and convenient for everyday carry, and they can be extremely useful; in addition to your typical writing functions, these pens have other useful features such as glass breaker tips. Many of the tactical pens for sale have their own sets of features that would always amaze you along with the great prices we offer. Filter (1) Collectable Tactical Pens. So, because you may get it for free and it comes with the most features of all the decent self defense tactical pens for sale, let’s start with that one…. Our selection of the best tactical pens and kubatons are excellent self-defence tools and functional survival weapons that will always be on hand in any emergency. The pen writes well and has a replacement pen ink cartridge. 5 sold. Tactical Pens. #1 being the cheapest, #5 being the most expensive. Most of the self defense tactical pens for sale come in only one, sometimes three colors (with an exception for the Benchmade Tactical Pen), so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Strikepen Black consists of an alloy body which has been precision milled into shape, and is (as the name suggests) available in: black. We offers tactical pens products. Best Match. Save up to 10% when you buy more. The best tactical pen is a good addition to your everyday carry. C $29.95. Free shipping. We actually wanted to make a top 3, but we came across two extremely cheap and awesome, all-including pens, one of which you may just claim for free, so we decided to include those ones as well. One of the most-used items on a daily basis is a pen, but why should this be a regular, simplistic/basic pen? Use the ink cartridge of your choice. It is also incredibly practical when a pen can do so much more than simply write! Add to wishlist [yith_compare_button] Quickview. With an increased demand for multi-functional and indestructible pens, the industry offers a wide variety of self defense pens, tactical pens, strike pens, combat pens and survival pens. When you look out for a tactical pen Canada you would be surprised to see the high quality pens that are there on offer at our online store here at Camouflage.

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