Victoria Security Licence Application . 3 years. 7-10 days to receive new and amended licence in the mail. Licence holders should not rely on, or assume that their employer or training provider will take responsibility for providing this documentation within the required time frames. course tuition fee. Information about what details your health care professional will need to provide is available in this guide. Private Security Regulations 2016 Victoria Private Security Application for Security Officer and/or Crowd Controller Licence under Mutual Recognition Page 3 of 3 Supporting Documents The following documents are required to be lodged with the application: Original licence or a copy of the licence evidencing existing registration in all States, Territory or New Zealand (must Security Guards can also respond and monitor alarms installed on the property of another person.” The definition encompasses in-house security … Complete a Manual Form- Application to Vary a licence/ Registration to Include Additional security Form (VP Form 1151). Evidence of Public Liability Insurance in the form of a certificate of currency from your insurance provider, showing coverage for the activities and sub-activities applied for. Evidence of financial viability including a declaration by a chartered accountant verifying the financial viability of the business. In this case it will be the Victorian Private Security Business Licence Application or Victorian Private Security Business Registration Application. In those cases those firearm may not, under any circumstances, be used for employment purposes. On the day. No. Print the completed application and attach the following supporting documents: 2x Suitability References (They must be someone from the list provided on attached suitability form page 2), Certified copy of your fingerprints results, Certified copy of your Statement of Results (Qualification), Certified copy of Identification (100 points of ID, Drivers licence, Medicare Card, Passport, Birth Certificate etc…), If born in another country or here on a VISA must also have certified supporting documents including VISA, Passport etc…, Once you have all items above attached to your printed application send it all to: Licensing and Regulation Division GPO Box 2807 Melbourne Vic 3001 (I recommend sending via registered or Express post to enable tracking or receipt of delivery), Allow 28 days for licensing to process your application before receiving your payment slip, Pay the nominated amount of $468.10 (for Security and Crowd control) or $410.70 (for just security OR Crowd control) $500.00 (if Security, Crowd control and a third category such as bodyguard or Control room operator). Please refer to your respective websites below to find out more. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the authority types and eligibility requirements prior to applying for a individual licence or registration. It is only then that your application may be approved. You will need to note your licence number, and check the boxes of the categories you currently have on your licence and check the boxes for the categories you wish to add. Search the register. If you are applying for a private security business licence, you must be able to demonstrate competency in the activities you wish to cover. In NSW there are certain mandatory requirements that the security licensing and enforcement directorate branch must adhere to when determining whether to grant an individual a security licence. Under British Columbia’s Security Services Act, businesses and individuals offering security services must hold a valid security licence issued by the Registrar of Security Services.Approved applicants are issued a licence that specifies the types of security services they may provide as well as special authorizations they have such as the use of dogs and restraints while performing security … Timing will depend on Australia Post standard delivery times. Details of the person within the business responsible for direct management of this activity (including full name and date of birth). state the intention to apply for a business licence; be forwarded to Victoria Police’s Licensing & Regulation Division within 14 days of the advertisement appearing in newspaper; and, Ensure you are personally licenced and qualified to have your business licenced in the field you want to include on your Business licence. Common licensing fees. 9 weeks. If you are applying for a Private Security Licence at the same time as applying for a  general category Handgun Licence, Armed Guard or Cash-in-Transit licence, it is recommended that you advise the customer service officer of this requirement so that two sets of fingerprints can be taken at the same time for the one fee. Certified National Police Record Checks Certificates for all relevant people connected to the business (licence applications only). About private security There are a number of activities and security guard sub-activities you can perform when applying for a private security individual or business licence … A Security Adviser is a person who is employed or retained to provide advice in relation to security equipment or security methods or principles. If this application is issued by another jurisdiction, the Australian Federal Police, or another organisation, your fingerprints will not be recorded with Victoria Police and will not be accepted. To do so, you will need to create an eServices account. When you submit your application, you will be prompted to print it and send it to the Licensing and Regulation Division along with your supporting documentation via the post. The form will have instruction pages included which lists any additional documentation required to add the category requested. producing a Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management. Licensing and Regulation Division GPO Box 2807, Melbourne, VIC 3001. In Victoria security firms and businesses, and employees of security firms and businesses must be either licensed or registered. Enrol and Complete the CPP20212 Security Operations Course through a registered training organisation. This can be found in the sections on this page. A photo will need to be taken from a nominated accepted photo location, Be a resident of Australia or be the holder of a current visa. For assistance in applying for a NSW security licence refer to 'New Operative Licence' on the Application Assistant webpage. We keep a public register of all licensed security industry employees and firms. Once you have all supporting documentation required, the printed application and evidence of your Certificate IV in Security Risk management or evidence of your membership to an approved Security Industry Organisation (In this case VSI- Victorian Security Institute) Post all documents to: Licencing and Regulations Division GPO Box 2807 Melbourne Vic 3001. Any person wishing to object to the granting of the licence has 14 days from the date of this advertisement to lodge an objection in writing to Licensing and Regulation Division, GPO Box 2807, Melbourne VIC 3001.". Licenses. In addition to the requirements outlined in the eligibility section, you should also view the additional information specific to the type of application you wish to lodge. Registration authorises you to access and collect sensitive information about the personal and security arrangements of your clients. The free online register is for your information … To obtain a private security licence, it is pre-requisite to complete your certificate II in Security operations training(CPP20212). An applicant for a private security business licence can demonstrate that they meet the competency requirements by providing proof that: Note: This certificate must be in the appropriate category and issued by a Licensing and Regulation Division-approved Registered Training Organisation . You will receive a payment notice of approx. every sat & sun from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Each of the above activities has a number of different sub-categories. security audio or visual recording systems; security intrusion detectors including motion, infrared, microwave or contact detectors; electric, electro-mechanical, magnetic, or biometric access control devices, but not including stock, inventory or product loss prevention monitoring devices. Print the completed application and attach the supporting documents it requests you to have dependant on the fields you have completed. Regulation(s) name. If a person is convicted of a ‘prescribed’ offence within the last 10 years then they must be refused a security licence. require licences. at least one primary identification document. No cash. Replacing a Licence All Licence and Registration categories in the Private Security Industry in Victoria must meet probity requirements. Upon receipt of your application, the Licensing and Regulation Division will process your application within 28 days and if approved, will provide you with your plastic licence in the mail. You will require this registration if you intend to operate as a private security professional that offers the following services: You will require this registration if you intend to operate a business that provides the following types of private security services: Your business must only offer these services through individuals who are licensed to act as security advisers or equipment installers. The holder of a private security registration cannot carry out the activity of monitoring center operator unless they are also the holder of an appropriately endorsed private security licence. A Private Security Business is a business that employs others to carry on one or more activities of the following security activities: You will also need to supply a Business Plan and Standard Operating Procedures. INTERNATIONAL SECURITY TRAINING ACADEMY ACN: 007 158 885 ABN: 65 007 158 885 RTO: 3877 New South Wales Master Licence Number: 407 662 786 Private Security Business Licence: 461-480-10S facebook twitter linkedin All Licences and Registration activities in the Private Security Industry in Victoria, must meet probity requirements. You are required to supply an identification reference from an acceptable referee as well as two suitability references. To have your say in the review of Victoria's private security industry, you can visit the Engage Victoria website. The current approved security industry specific firearms training unit of competency is Control Security Risk Situation Using Firearms CPPSEC3008A. It is only then that your application may be approved. Resumption of service for licence testing Licence fees. It costs $179.00 and they only accept Credit/ Debit cards and Bank Cheques. Employers are responsible for storage and the day-to-day management of firearms possessed under the licence. Security advisors can conduct a security report on a premises proposed to store Schedule 8 or 9 substances as part of a licence. Under a Private Security Business Registration or Private Security Individual Registration, an applicant can perform security equipment installation and offer security advice. Follow the prompts and answer the questions until you have completed all sections. For private security business licence applicants If you are applying for a private security business licence, you must be able to demonstrate competency in the activities you wish to cover. You will need to arrange to have a full set of fingerprints taken. You can read more about acceptable referees here. A copy of the relevant 'Statement of Results' must be provided for any licence activity/sub-activity. Follow the prompts and answer the questions until you have completed all sections. A private security business may employ others to carry on one or more activities of the following security activities: Read more about private security activities . Victoria Police are understood to be working to locate the man - sources say he has fled the country. ©Copyright 2018 Victorian Security Institute,, section 6 of the Private Security Regulations 2016, Be a resident of Australia or be the holder of a current visa (with relevant work rights), Provide certified copies of International Police Checks from any other country resided in for a period of more than 12 months over the previous 10 years since turning 16 years of age, Be a fit and proper person.

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