You can pass through automated wicket gates without removing the card from its case. My 2-Days Osaka itinerary include and how to fully utilize the Osaka Amazing Pass within one or two days. The price for the ICOCA is US$20 (¥2,200). It allows you unlimited use of designated public transportation in Kansai. Also special treatment at selected facilities along the railways, made available by showing the pass you have used that day. It gives you free entry into many Osaka attractions, free rides on the subway lines and some other benefits including discounts in certain restaurants. Unlimited rides for one day on all Osaka Metro and Osaka City Bus lines (some exceptions apply) with admission to about 40 sightseeing facilities. Day 3: Outer District of Osaka. ※Except buses for IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Stuidio Japan®, Efforts of the Osaka Convention & Tourism Board, Kintetsu Rail Pass/Kintetsu Rail Pass WIDE, KYOTO-OSAKA SIGHTSEEING PASS 1day or 2day. Nowadays, Osaka is booming with tourist. You can also enjoy benefits at numerous restaurants, making your Osaka trip even more amazing! The two days pass is valid for two consecutive days and costs 3,300 yen. Osaka Amazing Pass give unlimited use of the Osaka subway, tramway, and bus network within the city for the duration of either 1 or 2 days. Also receive special perks such as discounts at other sightseeing facilities, shops, and more. Convenient and economical 2-day/3-day ticket for traveling in Kansai. With the pass, you get unlimited use of the Osaka subway, tramway, and bus network. The information will be send to the system administrator and will be evaluated. Choose between a 1 or 2-day option and off you go to visit popular tourist destinations at your utmost ease and convenience. Osaka One Day Pass/ Enjoy Eco Card (hari kerja: 800 yen, hari libur: 600 yen) Tiket ini berlaku untuk satu hari. From JR Osaka Station, take the Osaka Loop Line to Osakajokoen Station. See our Northern Osaka … 1-4 of 4 replies Sorted by. The pass comes in two options: the one day pass, or the two day pass. As long as you have an OSAKA Metro Day Pass, you can save time on route planning and avoid complicated transfers of crowded public transportations! Using an IC card in combination with good transportation planning is often most economical. 9am: Start the day at Osaka Castle. A 1-day pass giving you unlimited rides on all Osaka Metro and Osaka City Bus lines*! Buy this pass from various tourist and information centres in Osaka, Kyoto, or Nara and enjoy all that the great city of Osaka has to offer! 2 years ago. HOME > HOW TO USE > 1 day pass It enables unlimited times of rides on the All routes in Osaka Metro and Osaka city bus (Some routes are excluded), New Tram, and Hankyu, Hanshin, Keihan, Kintetsu and Nankai trains mainly running in Osaka City for one day. The Osaka Amazing Pass is very handy and easy to use. It costs 800 yen for adults (or 600 yen on weekends and holidays), and 300 yen for children.※Except buses for IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Stuidio Japan®, We recommend this for visitors who plan to travel around within the Osaka city center for a full day or more. Day passes can also be of good value (see lists of day passes … Also, by showing a pass that you've used that day, you can get special treatment at special facilities along the railways.※Except buses for IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Stuidio Japan®, This discount ticket set includes an admission ticket to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, as well as a one-day all-you-can-ride ticket for Osaka Metro, Osaka City Bus※. *Applicable hours at free admission facilities start at their opening time and end at the last entry time. ICOCA & HARUKA is a special set that combines "ICOCA", an IC card that can be used for JR, subways, private railways, buses, and shopping, with a discount ticket for the Kansai International Airport limited express train "Haruka".ICOCA & HARUKA can be purchased only at JR Kansai Airport Station. Shi-Tennoji Temple (Inner Precinct and Gokuraku-Jodo Garden) Kansai Thru Pass. Osaka is a big city with many tourist attractions but I’ve included only the best in this itinerary. Selain itu, dengan Osaka One Day Pass atau Enjoy Eco Card, kita juga bisa memperoleh potongan harga tiket masuk di beberapa objek wisata. The pass is valid on the day you use it for the train, bus or one of the charge-free facilities for the first time. The JR West Rail Kansai Area Pass  is a good deal for those who want to travel around Kansai for a full day or more, and is convenient for traveling to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Himeji, or Nara, etc., via JR. *It is not applicable for use from Nankai Line Kansai Airport Station. Price and where to buy the Osaka Pass. Osaka Amazing Pass. It is also second largest metropolitan in Japan after Tokyo. *Excluding Osaka City Bus services for Universal Studios Japan™ and IKEA. Osaka in one day itinerary. Good to know: With an Osaka city pass you will have access to the top tourist attractions (Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building & more) + unlimited use of the subway system and buses. Osaka Castle. Passes can be purchased at some station masters office in the subway and a number of information centre offices. (Note: Only available on the day … (Not for 24 hours from the time first used. The Hankyu Tourist Pass is a good deal for those traveling for a full day or more around the Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto areas. The first time we bought the pass was from the Osaka Visitors Information centre outside JR Osaka (Umeda) station because it was the station we arrived … 1. yasu666. 10:30am: Stroll around the Kita District, which is centered on JR Osaka Station and Hankyu Umeda Station. DAY 2: OSAKA AMAZING PASS. The most rewarding sights outside of the city center can be found north of the city, including those in the Expo City/Banpaku Park area. Hankyu Umeda station ~Minoo station . ). OSAKA 1day pass/ Osaka 2day Pass We recommend this for visitors who plan to travel around within the Osaka city center for a full day or more. Basic information of the Osaka Amazing Pass. It also gives you free entry to more than 38 of Osaka’s top tourist attractions such as the Osaka Castle, Osaka Zoo, the Umeda Observatory, and the Nagai Botanical Gardens. We used the two-day Osaka Day Pass to visit various places in the city. Excursion tour type (Ride as many times as you like within a designated time and area) + facility discount coupon set (a set of express train and bus tickets and discount coupons for sightseeing locations). Amazing Osaka Pass (Surutto Kansai Trip-Around Osaka Pass Osaka Area Edition) Validity: Unlimited use for 1 day on all subways and buses in Osaka, as well as on all private rails lines in and around Osaka (but cannot be used on JR trains like the Loop Line). No term of validity is set.※Except buses for IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Stuidio Japan®. OSAKA Metro's city buses and trains boast cozy seats, interiors, and a fast service provided for varying degrees of … OSAKA AMAZING PASS 1-Day Pass (Osaka area ver.) Universal Studios Japan, Osaka: "Hi, I'm planning to buy 2 day pass, may i know..." | Check out 8 answers, plus see 10,659 reviews, articles, and 12,788 photos of Universal Studios Japan, ranked No.7 on Tripadvisor among 3,099 attractions in Osaka. Unlimited use of trains, buses  in the applicable sections for one full day. Hello. Dengan tiket ini kita bisa naik kereta subway, tram, dan bus sepuasnya selama satu hari. Receive special show-to-save benefits on around 30 sightseeing attractions in Osaka city when you present your pass! 676 posts. However, the added advantage of the Osaka Amazing Pass is that you can choose to purchase either a 1-day or 2-day pass. Notice that the Osaka Amazing pass is for adults. It’s basically a pass that costs 2300 yen for one day and 3000 yen for 2 days. Note 2: Discounts are only valid on the day of riding. Get unlimited rides on all lines of Keihan Railway and Otokoyama Cable Line!! The price for the 2-day pass is US$29 (¥3,300). ICOCA. Anyone who knows where I could buy Osaka 1-Day Pass? This ticket gives a discount when traveling from Kansai International Airport Station into Osaka City, including a one-way ticket for the Nankai Electric Railway "Rapi:t" train to Namba Station (which can also be used one way on a Nankai train other than Rapi:t), and a one-day all-you-can-ride pass for Osaka's subways, new tram, and buses. Providing great benefits at a variety of locations, this pass is an indispensable part of your travel in Osaka and Kyoto. Osaka Amazing Pass . 9am: Start at Osaka Castle. After checking out the castle and park, take the subway or the Osaka Loop Line back to JR Osaka Station. Valid for 2 consecutive days. You can also receive discounts with tickets bearing an “eligible for facility discount” or “eligible for 1-Day pass discount” symbol. Get a 1 or 2 day Osaka Amazing Pass for an unlimited trip on the Osaka subway, tramway, and bus Maximize your visit with this all-inclusive pass and conveniently explore Osaka at your own pace Gain free entry to almost 40 iconic Osaka tourist sites ranging from Osaka Water Bus to the Umeda Sky Building When using for transportations, it is valid from the first service through the last service within a day. The pass is available in two versions. Both one-day and two-day passes are available. ICOCA is a convenient JR-West IC card for JR, Subways, private railways, and buses as well as in the PiTaPa area. 1. You can purchase it in advance. The price the 2-day pass is US$36 (¥4,000) and the 3-day pass is US$46 (¥5,200). The Kintetsu Rail Pass is a good deal for those traveling within a wide area around Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, and Nagoya over five days or so. Get Osaka Amazing Pass for 1 day or 2 days and gain entry for 30 iconic Osaka tourist sites for free or discounted price! The current price is Y2,500 for a single day or Y3,300 for a two-day ticket purchased in Osaka. 1.Use the pass and get on trains and buses. It allows you unlimited rides on the Osaka Metrp and Osaka City Bus※. The Osaka Amazing Pass is an exceptional ticket that allows you to freely ride trains and buses in and around Osaka for one or two days, and best of all, grants free entry into more than 40 major tourist spots. Go up to the observation deck of the castle and admire the views over the city. *Not applicable to private railways. The Enjoy Eco Card is a one-day all-you-can-ride ticket for Osaka Metro , Osaka City Bus※, and also includes discounts for tourist locations within the city. However, it is not indicated there where to buy. Re: Osaka Metro 1-day pass . It enables unlimited times of rides on the All routes in Osaka Metro and Osaka city bus (Some routes are excluded), New Tram, and Hankyu, Hanshin, Keihan, Kintetsu and Nankai trains mainly running in Osaka City for one day. Please do not confuse this with Osaka Amazing Pass.

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