You then take the other scenarios and write them as extensions. Use Case testing is a functional Black Box testing technique. About This is a quick summary of how to write use cases. Preconditions The bank Customer must possess a bank card. This example use case shows how a use case can be developed with incrementally increasing detail. Use-Case Specification: Withdraw Cash Date: 01/07/2007 Confidential Sample Bank , 2009 Page 4 Use-Case Specification: Withdraw Cash 1. Met andere woorden, de usecase beschrijft "wie" met het betreffende systeem "wat" kan doen. The clerk will create the sales and add items to the contractor’s account. 114 C HAPTER 7. >>Click here to download the use case template<<. What objects must exist prior to the use case executes. Een usecase in software engineering en systems engineering is een beschrijving van een gedrag van een systeem, dat reageert op een verzoek dat stamt van buiten het systeem. Complete all sections of the Use-Case Specification template. Instead, a proper use case diagram depicts a high-level overview of the relationship between use cases, actors, and systems. 2 Use Case Definition 2.1 Description 2.2 Actor 2.3 Priority 2.4 Pre-conditions 2.5 Flow of Events 2.6 Alternative Courses 2.7 Exceptions 2.8 Post-conditions 2.9 Business Rules 2.10 Special Requirements 2.11 Artifacts 2.12 Notes and Issues. They are not use cases themselves! Figure 90: Detailed Use Case Description Document Template. Sample Use Case. Brief Description. Ivar Jacobson defines a use case as “description of a set of sequences of actions and variants that a system performs that yield an observable result of value to an actor.” (Jacobson, et. The steps must not mention how the system does something. Assume that the classes and associations in question 2 correspond to entities and relationships from similar entity relationship diagram. use case template in excel format. This use case allows a Student to register for course offerings in the current semester. User Level Use Case Summary Level Use Case Use Case - Class Registration. This Use Case template provides you with everything you need to develop your Use Case Document. As shown in the templates, the use cases are used to depict procedures that benefit the students and the school administration. UC-1.2.1. Use Case Template: Table of Contents. D OCUMENTING U SE C ASES 115 Flow of Events Activity Diagram

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