Innovate Textile & Apparel 2019: Digitalisation Comes Of Age In Textiles and Apparel

OCTOBER 15 – 17 2019, Novotel Amsterdam City, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Innovate Textile & Apparel (ITA) Europe is an annual event that brings together strategic decision-makers determined to implement digitalisation in the textile and apparel sector.


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Textile 4.0: End to End digital transformation: Business lessons for textile sector

Andrey Golub, Founder & CEO, ELSE Corp

PRESENTATION DATE: Wednesday 16th October



Fashion retail today is still an old style ‘push’ process on top of a ‘made to stock’ (and ‘made for stock’) delivery model, powered by the uncontrolled overproduction, where at the end the most products are sold as discounted and nobody cares if they are really useful to the consumers. But a clever end-to-end digital transformation strategy would mean the end of the current unsustainable approach, helping to solve the problem of the inefficiency at the level of consumers, by digitalising and interconnecting in a digital way (cloud, 3D, artificial intelligence) the most critical processes in the supply chain- the design, the retailing and the manufacturing. The best dream of the industry is to become ‘on demand’ and ‘real-time’, means fully digitalised and truly sustainable, and now it is finally possible.