via to Use Smart Contracts On The Blockchain to Change the Hiring Process

At our February 2018 Shareholder meeting in Singapore, co-founders Paul Sloyan and Arran Stewart explain how they plan to revolutionize the job search.

By adopting blockchain and smart contracts, it means transactions can’t be tampered with or changed. Making global transactions safer and faster to execute.

Once the new platform launches, companies will be able to utilize for free, which includes job advertising and jobs being matched with users with relevant resumes. Candidates are then able to apply for a company role of interest, which will appear in order of relevance according to the matching technology. Once a candidate applies, companies will be able to create shortlists of candidates they wish to interview. During the application process, the candidate’s personal information is kept entirely private until further details are required for hirer and candidate to make contact.

Following a successful interview, negotiations around the candidate’s hire are conducted and recorded on the blockchain ledger through smart contracts, and once a candidate reaches the agreed probation period, they will receive a signing bonus from the company.