Microsoft AI – Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence

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One of the most important topics for humanity today is Artificial Intelligence.

Three innovations have finally put AI on the fast track: big data, with the internet and sensors everywhere; massive computing power, especially through the cloud; and the development of breakthrough algorithms, so computers can be trained to accomplish more sophisticated tasks on their own with deep learning.

Microsoft has been striving to proliferate AI programming to minimize everyday challenges and make today’s world accessible for people and businesses alike.

Through this webinar we will introduce all the ways AI can help you transforming your business and we will see how data and analytics powered by the most trusted and intelligent cloud can help companies differentiate and stay ahead of competition, discussing 3 main topics

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • What AI can do for your business and how to prioritize where to invest on AI going through some of the most relevant customer stories
  • What are the different technologies you can use to apply AI to your business