Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database-as-a-service featuring:

  • Turnkey Global Distribution – automatically replicate data to any number of regions worldwide to achieve high availability and low-latency  for global user base at the click of a button… complete with tunable well-defined consistency semantics.
  • Multi-model – use key-value, graph, and document data in one service, at global scale and without worrying about schema or index management.
  • Elastic Scale – elastically and transparently scale-out storage and throughput to seamlessly scale from 100’s of requests per second to 100,000,000’s of requests per second over a petabyte of data.
  • Guaranteed low latency – write-optimized, latch-free database engine that guarantees <10ms @ P99 for single-document reads and <15ms @ P99  single-document writes.
  • Fully-Managed w/ comprehensive SLAs – complete with 99.99% Availability SLA along with extra guarantees on throughput, latency, and consistency.

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Azure Cosmos DB, design patterns and case studies for globally distributed applications

Developers, architects, and data professionals face unprecedented rates of change – in which businesses must elastically respond to customer demand as user populations grow and shrink dramatically and unpredictably, while functionality must rapidly evolve to meet customer needs and respond to competitive pressures. To address these realities, developers are increasingly selecting cloud-born distributed databases for massively scalable, high-performance, globally distributed data storage. Come learn about the business goals and technical challenges faced by real-world customers, why they chose Azure Cosmos DB, and the patterns they used to deliver highly available, globally distributed experiences.

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