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ELSE Corp at TSUM Voronezh Opening 2017

A first Market Test for the Virtual Retail technology in Russia

Milan, June 26, 2017: After a renovation project, the legendary TSUM Voronezh department store opened its doors once again in a 3-day long opening event. The event started on the 19th June, with a gathering of VIP guests; local and well-known journalists; their “best clients”, and was opened to the public the following day.

The central department store (TSUM) will be the fourth project of this scale in Russia, said the managing director of TSUM Voronezh and the founder of Smart Fashion Group Irina Gorban at the grand opening. She also introduced the guests of the event to her team of specialists in the fashion-industry, which helped realize the concept of the project from zero to launch in real-life, in just a year. According to Gorban, the legendary world brands, the European atmosphere of shopping, the original design and decoration of the shopping space, as well as the historical heritage make the Voronezh Central Department Store TSUM, unique not only in the Central Black Soil region but as a whole in Russia.

ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company from Milan, and official Business Partner of TSUM Voronezh, participated in and added to the overall success of the opening event where they began their first ever pre-launch, Market Test in Russia. ELSE Corp’s Virtual Retail Corner, that showcases some of their first Virtual 3D Collections to the public, will now remain as a test installation at the department for some few months period. More info & event photos: http://www.else-corp.com/tsum-voronezh-opening-2017

The Virtual Fashion Corner powered by E.L.S.E. is located on the ground floor of the department store in the Shoes & Accessories section, a prime spot, drawing in lots of attention and curiosity from passersby. A key example of the ideal setup of the Virtual Retail Corner, it has the five core elements that are essential to the deployment of the E.L.S.E. Virtual Retail platform & experience in a physical retail space:

  • Virtual 3D Catalogue:a navigable catalogue of all shoppable virtual 3D products
  • Virtual Product Configurator, Virtual 3D Boutique app:customers can view and select configuration options for a selected 3d product
  • 3D foot scanner hardware & related tablet app:to gather the customer’s measurements and fitting preferences
  • Sales Assistant’s tablet app:a remote device to navigate through the options and make selections
  • Physical Samples and Real Sample Products to fit: material and product part samples introduce a tangible side to the customisation process for a customer, giving them a sense of the texture and quality of the final product.

Having a presence at the TSUM Voronezh is an invaluable opportunity for the startup, serving as a good base from which to gauge the interest of the Russian market and to prepare for their official commercial launch this coming September.

For more information: http://www.else-corp.com/tsum-voronezh-opening-2017

ELSE Corp is an Italian startup based in Milan, founded in 2014. Since then, the company has been working on designing and developing a technologically advanced Cloud SaaS API platform for Virtual Retail or no stock retail for the Apparel & Footwear industry. The platform E.L.S.E., Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience is aimed at providing an extraordinary Customer & Shopping Experience in 3D (applications, web, mobile apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality environments), that supports at its core Mass Customization and cloud based hybrid & distributed Manufacturing services, integrating all their components and processes into brands’ and retailers’ e-commerce, CRM, ERP and PLM systems; from 3D Design and Interactive Visual Merchandising for customized and MTM sales, to on demand production.