#MyThierry & #VirtualCouture- 3D Product Tour

more info: http://www.else-corp.com/mythierry-micam2017

“My Thierry” by Parabiago Collezioni. Make way to a new age in footwear customization

A perfectly tailor-made shoe: a dream coming true. Thierry Rabotin provides its customers with a truly unique shopping experience, by launching on the market a brand-new service that ensures plenty of opportunities for customization: My Thierry. Thanks to the virtual retail technology, Parabiago Collezioni – a shoe factory specialized in the manufacturing of top-quality articles entirely Made in Italy – puts at disposal of all the women on the lookout for a luxury product, the chance to get a bespoke shoe, specifically conceived to meet all sorts of needs. This project falls into step with the corporate philosophy supported by the brand Thierry Rabotin, that aims at making women happy by giving life to creations that can skillfully combine a refined design, the utmost comfort and a thorough care for the anatomy as well as for the well being of the foot. Unique style, perfect fit. www.thierryrabotin.com

Virtual Boutique: that’s how technology can bring closer customers and brands

Acknowledged as the technical partner of the project carried out by Thierry Rabotin, Else Corp has devised E.L.S.E. (namely, Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), a platform bearing the firm’s name: the ultimate goal is to effectively blend the benefits granted by both online and offline services. As a matter of fact, thanks to the app Virtual Boutique, a customer can browse the entire collection, pick out a specific model and then choose specific finishes and details with the support of 3D technology: not only colour and leather type, but also, for instance, the features of the upper, of the heel, the insole as well as of the accessories. This cutting-edge initiative develops the concept of large-scale customization, thus bringing once again at the forefront the value of craftsmanship in the age of mass production. www.else-corp.com

“My Thierry” by Parabiago Collezioni & “Virtual Couture” at theMICAM 2017, powered by E.L.S.E. from ELSE Corp on Vimeo.