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Virtual fitting room as the way to clothes and shoes mass customisation

published on Linkedin by Chief Executive Officer – Imigize Development Ltd.

Today the saturation of the product in demand creates in a customer the desire to find goods that could reflect their unique needs, forming the basis of the process of image formation and self-realization. The response of the market is production customization.

 Exceptionally large image component is realized in customisation of clothes and shoes, but the element of fun with their accessories like socks also plays an important role. The stumbling block of mass customised clothes and shoes production is the problem of matching dimensions of customer’s anthropometric data. Dimensional customization of clothes and shoes at this stage could be realized only in a very narrow segment of premium class – using technology Bespoke and made-to-measure (MTM).

 Mass customization of clothes and shoes is directly connected with the problem of collecting customer’s anthropometric data. The creation of such  anthropometric database of customers, perhaps through the introduction of technologies like virtual dressing rooms in retail stores.

Company ELSE Corp uses the technology of virtual fitting for short-run production of premium shoes for MTM technologies where the customer can design suitable footwear from standard cells (

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